How to get into crypto in 15 minutes

A brief 101

Are you still just doing stocks and bonds? It might be a good time to finally take the plunge into crypto. Following is a super brief primer on how to start. You can do this in about 15 minutes once you’ve decided on which coins to buy:

  1. RESEARCH. Decide on a few coins and figure out how much you want to invest to start with. Coin Bureau has a good intro on YouTube here.
  2. HOW TO BUY. Open an account with a crypto exchange (or use a crypto ATM, in which case you’ll need a wallet first). Kraken is a good exchange.
  3. BUYING. Fund your account on the exchange with dollars or other fiat currency, and then purchase your coins from your balance. Three to five coins might be a good start. Experts say at least 50% to 60% of it should be Bitcoin. Some other projects to consider are: Monero, Terra, Cosmos, Solana, and Cardano. They’re tracked nicely at CoinGecko.
  4. WALLET. Install a wallet on your smartphone or laptop, or get a hardware wallet. Atomic Wallet is one of the best for multi-currencies. Available for laptop or smartphone, this wallet respects your privacy and is rich in features, yet easy to use. I also like Coinomi among others. Move your exchange crypto purchases to the wallet (or simply send them to your wallet if you went the ATM route).
Atomic wallet (courtesy

A word about staking. After the four steps above, this will be your next step. But for now, you’ve managed to get into crypto in under 15 minutes. Congratulations!


Following the above steps, you should get to know the space better, and keep growing your crypto portfolio. Some pundits are saying that just a few thousand invested in Bitcoin now will turn into millions in just a few years. Given the size of the market caps and the fact that Bitcoin has a finite number of “pieces of the pie,” this could become a reality for you. When the pieces of the pie are taken, they’re taken. Crypto is the future. It’s a good time to start now.

More About Crypto Here

The link above explains the basics of crypto to a complete novice!

Note: this article is not financial advice. It’s based on my personal experience when I first started buying Crypto currencies. It took me days of research and asking questions. Here I’ve boiled it down to 15 minutes.

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