Spotlight on Services

I’m a writer, blogger, content creator, and business strategy consultant. I can do any one of these, or all of them depending on your needs.

Writer, Blogger, Content Creator

Creator of engaging content for websites. Experience with large, medium, and small projects. Worked through consulting firms, as an employee, and independently.

Experienced in several platforms. WordPress especially.

Adept at:

  • Conducting in-depth research to investigate topics
  • Adhering to writing guidelines and style guides
  • Working well with editors
  • SEO

Business Strategist

Having worked in a wide range of industries and job descriptions, I have a unique sense of how businesses of any size function. Held roles in technology, sales, marketing, and management.

Past and present roles:

  • Manufacturer’s Rep
  • Country manager for International software and hardware companies
  • Consultant to legal firms
  • Consultant to banks and crypto investors
  • Wine importer and distributor
  • Consultant to wineries
  • Consultant to craft breweries